From Montreal, Canada – THEE NODES!!!
Off the wall freak rock and roll for the demented and deranged!

Led by the short tempered Mr Node, THEE NODES have left a trail of destruction, blood, and bandages across the USA several times already playing both CHOAS IN TEJAS and Canada’s A VARNING FROM MONTREAL last year. After a self-released demo, flexi, and EP on Swollen City Records, NOPATIENCE RECORDS is excited beyond belief to bring the high energy rock and roll styling of THEE NODES to Australia in May!
Taking influence from groups like THE MUMMIES, SWANKYS, and RUDIMENTRY PENI - THEE NODES are best placed with contemporary acts of retardo punk rock such as LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS, CULO, NUKE CULT, EEL, HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMER HEADS etc..... Chaotic and unpredictable, wild and stupid!

An explosive live force, THEE NODES are true rock and roll freaks and are definitely not to be missed!